"Marketing Intelligence for Business Success"

Do you need better information to guide decision-making?

RINK Consulting can arm you with the intelligence you need!

  • We provide critical business and marketing data for fact-based decision-making -- about your customers, prospects, industry and competition. 
  • Our capabilities include surveys, interviews, and focus groups, as well as business research on companies and industries using proprietary and specialized databases. 
This research- and customer- driven perspective is the key to successful business growth with reduced risk.  See how it can help your company! 


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RINK Consulting is listed as an expert resource for Market Research Services in the book "Successful Startups: An Essential Guide to Business Venture Analysis and Development," by William A. Benjamin & Jason R. McDowall.

Linda Rink gives expert research tips in SmartBrief's article "How to Hold a Successful Focus Group.".

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Do you need better data on market trends?

Do you know who your prime prospects are?
What motivates them?

Do you know what your key customers want?
Are you on top of your industry’s news?

Do you know what your competitors are up to?

Are your products in sync with the latest trends?

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