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The marketing information you need for business success!

 Are you up-to-speed with the latest news in your industry?

 Do you know what your competition is up to?

 Are you in sync with the latest product trends?

 Do you know what’s important to your key customers?

It takes time and resources to stay on top of the competitive marketplace. CustomTrend™ reports from Rink Consulting monitor it for you!

The basic CustomTrend™ report covers industry and economic news, competitive activity, key customer reviews, consumer and/or business-to-business trends, and the latest design and color trends for your industry.   More in-depth information is available through Premium Services.

What makes  unique?
  Customized: CustomTrend™ is not a general “one size fits all” subscription newsletter. You decide what information you want to track. Data is specific to your industry, even your category, if available.
  Affordable: By providing reliable marketing data at an affordable price, CustomTrend™ reports save you time, money and resources.

  Timely: CustomTrend™ focuses on the time horizon you need, so information is relevant and actionable.

  Insightful: CustomTrend™ is not just a compilation of copied articles. Important information is summarized, with appropriate editorial commentary.
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