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Business & Marketing Research

Timely and current information is the key to smart decision-making. RINK Consulting specializes in providing marketing and business information for both consumer and business-to-business sectors. Our capabilities include primary marketing research (surveys, interviews) and secondary (researching specialized databases for published information).

We can work on individual projects, or monitor a particular industry or product category with our proprietary CustomTrend™ reports.

Do you know how to get information for assessing market opportunities?

RINK Consulting can identify information requirements and resources for specific projects.

Does your business plan include key information that will impact your success in the marketplace?

RINK Consulting can identify unaddressed issues, conduct research, and draft the plan.

Are you satisfied with your overall market research plan?
Do you have one?

RINK Consulting can explore ways to maximize your research dollars and obtain vital consumer and market data.

Are you certain that you are up-to-speed with the latest news and trends in your industry?

RINK Consulting’s CustomTrend™ reports monitor the marketplace for you, saving you time and money.
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